Algae Control

Filamentous algae are a common problem for property owners with ponds. Most filamentous algae problems can be prevented with proper pond design and management. At Puddle Jumpers Aquatics we tackle algae head on with several different approaches that fit any budget.

We can propose a custom program that meets the unique needs of any pond. The experts at Puddle Jumpers Aquatics have been providing Algae Control for ponds and lakes in Indiana for over 10 years. Clients include Golf Courses, Apartments, Industrial Parks, Homeowners Associations, Condominiums, Subdivisions, Business Parks, Campuses, Individual Homeowners, Property Maintenance Companies and more.

Expert Solutions

Algae Control Services

Do you know what to do about this?
We do! It’s Filamentous Algae! And we know exactly what to do about it!