Pond Management

Puddle Jumpers Aquatics offers several different packages for treating your lake or pond.  We are a full service aquatics company offering total pond and lake packages.  We will start with a free estimate walk thru with you to discuss your needs and vision for how you would like your pond to look.

There are so many different opinions on how or what a pond should look like.  We would love to have that initial meeting to discuss your pond and help you develop a good, solid plan. Here are a few examples of the more popular programs we have.  Pond Restoration programs, Aquatic Vegetation Management Programs, Shoreline Vegetation Programs, Fountain and Aeration Equipment Programs.  We also can work with you and a Landscape Architect to help you design your pond areas into a fantastic relaxing area or even extra green-space areas.

Take a look around our site and we hope you will see why we are leading the Industry in a new and fresh ideas in Pond Management and Lake Management.

Expert Solutions

No worries! Puddle Jumpers can keep your lake or pond looking groovy!