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Pond Management

Welcome to Puddle Jumpers Aquatics & Outdoors!

Puddle Jumpers Aquatics & Outdoors is a Total Aquatics Solutions Company.

We have locations in Westfield and Farmersburg, Indiana. We have over 40 years of vast Environmental and Biological Experience. We have an Aquatic Plant Specialist on staff and an In-House Laboratory to save you time and money.  Keeping with our wet and wild nature, we are also an authorized dealer for Grizzly Coolers; bear tested and tough. With features you won’t find anywhere else and superior quality, Grizzly is the outdoor everything cooler.

At Puddle Jumpers Aquatics we pride ourselves on being a small business that meets BIG expectations.

Why us?

At Puddle Jumpers Aquatics we are excited to announce our exclusive  “Tread Lightly Program”. Our exclusive application equipment is Environmentally friendly. We use  ARGO for those hard to reach spots in our application processes. It’s tires are inflated to only 2.1 psi and it has a low ground pressure of 14.5kPa.  This is amazing because it actually has less ground pressure than a Human Adult! NO more backing boats, trucks and trailers into your ponds. NO more waiting on the ground to dry before we can treat your ponds. Only at Puddle Jumpers Aquatics.

Stormwater Management

We will help you develop and implement a custom Stormwater Management Programs (SWMP).

Algae Control

Algae Control Services

If you have an Algae Bloom problem, sometimes called pond scum, we have the expertise to help mitigate it.

Spray Management

We specialize in spraying hard-to-reach places that require a Category 5 Aquatic License.

Weed Control

Weed Control

We can help you control both native and invasive plant species in your lake or pond.

Aerators and Fountains

Aerators and Fountains

Aeration and Circulation are vital for the health of your lake or pond. We can help!

Pond Management Experts!

Pond Management Experts!

Custom programs available for headache-free management of your pond or lake.